Маникюр «сердце»: фотоинструкции


книга про хоббитов

After applying a base coat paint all 10 nails with two coats of pale pink polish.
Take a striping brush dipped in pastel yellow and paint on a line around the cuticle end of the nail.
Take a sponge dipped in to the pastel yellow and apply to the cuticle end of the nail leaving about 3/4 nail pink.
Leave a gap of pink below the yellow and using another sponge dipped in pastel lilac apply to the tip of the nail.
Take the darker purple and sponge over the tip leaving a small part of lilac to fade in to the purple.

zappos книга скачать

Using a white striping brush paint on a diagonal line from the middle edge of the nail to the middle of the tip and fill in the side.
Repeat on the other side to create a chevron French manicure.
Using the white striping brush outline the cuticle following round to join up with the chevron French tip.
Using either a white nail art pen or the white striping brush create a curved v shape in the center of the cuticle end of the nail forming your heart shape.
Finish with top coat.
Wear your nails with pride!

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